It is about south korea protes the largest protest in south korea and one of the biggest protest in the world. It is because 1.3 million people protest in the street of Seoul, South korea to demand the resignation of scandal and corrupt South Korean President, Park Geun Hye. She is accused of allowing a close friend in appropriate access to governmnent document and the potential to influence decision-making. She was being investigated by prosecutors. 

 In that video, the announcer told that it has been third weekend in a row, S. Koreans occupied the streets of central Seoul. The protest was organized by the activist but attended by diverse group, such as worker, student and I also have read about korean celebrities that also joined the protest (here is the source: )

After I watched that news, I start to think that protest is not always about chaos. Watch the news and you will understand, because the rally was peaceful and well organized if you look at the massive amount of people. 

The announcer interviewed some protesters;  a man that brought his family, he told that he invited his family to this rally because he wanted that Park Geun Hye hear the voice of people. A man with the cap on, he said that “the country’s leadership is on the wrong path, we gave power to them, and we take it back now.” 

Judges also allowed the protesters to march in main road, which is just a kilometer away from president’s office. Protesters want Park Geun Hye to hand over power or authority to a prime minister that chosen by  Parliement.


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