Dear Wiggle Agency,

I would love the opportunity to apply for your Dance Choreographer position. The idea of working with your esteemed company of performers is quite exciting. I enjoyed your shows and choreography. Being a part of your troupe and expanding my talent is an opportunity I cannot resist. Thus I am sending my resume for your consideration.

I have been dancing since I was five years old. My mom were dancers and she support has been wondrous. By 11 I was skilled in variety of complicated dancing moves (Indonesian traditional dance, modern dance, Korean dance). In Senior High School, I began developing a series of unique dance moves. By time I graduated I have performed with many Korean girlband and choreographing it. I discovered through my true passion was in teaching, performing, and choreography.  I also have a certificate zumba instructor just like you are searching for

I would appreciate the chance to come in and talk more about joining your agency. 

Best Regards,

Gita F. R. Z.  


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