Title : Romance of Their Own (Jangan Dia, tapi Aku)
Author : Guiyeoni
Publisher : Bentang Belia (PT Bentang Pustaka)
Published : September 2012
ISBN : 987-62-9397-34-5

Translated from Temptation of a Wolf - Bandi Books, 2006

Romance of Their Own – Let Me Be The One.  This is a series novel, and Romance of Their Own – Let Me Be the One is series one. The background of this novel is at Korea. At first, I think this novel is made by indonesian writer but she using korean name. After I searched about it, this is Korean translation novels which are originally written in Korean languange. The author was, Guiyeoni, her real name is Lee Yoon Se. She is a best seller International Novel, one of her novel is He Was Cool, and it was translated into several languanges and became a movie theater.

Now i will review the content..

My first impression when I read the first page, hmmm.. the languange style that the author use is so subtle. It was very unstilted. At first, I think that the translator is not that good. However, after I think about it seriously, Korean languange if translated to another languange yaaa it would be like that.
On this novel, the conversations still have a diction. Like their still use; Nuna (sister) but I relieved that I love watch korean dramas so I understand it. However, I think that style of language makes the author was unique and appealing.

After the style of languange, this novel has another unique side. One of them is they use emoticon like T_T… – o – .. ^_^ ..  >_<
We usually use emoticon when we texting right? So it was my first time to read a novel that use emoticon like that xixi

Then, another unique side is that when the phone ring, the writer didnt use "Kriingg", she uses "Belelelele" XD

As for the story itself, the novel tells of Hankyung, a 19-year-old girl. Her parents divorced when she was a child. Hankyung followed his father to live in Gongju and his sister followed his mother to live in Anyang. His father, Hankyung passed away and eventually Hankyung moved to Anyang and went to live with his mother and his new family because his mother remarried.

In Anyang, Hankyung turned out to attract some men. First Haewon, mischievous boy who likes to fight, he is is in the same school with Hankyung. Next is Taeseong, the henchman of another school, he is Haewon's great enemy. Hankyung also feels interested in both of these guys, but she feels her interest is different between her and Haewon or her and Taeseong.

Oh, and one thing! After I browsed about these novel it turns out that this novel has been appointed to the big screen with the title Temptation of Wolves in 2004. Even has been raised into a musical drama as well, which played by Ryeowook Super Junior.

SOOO, I think this novel and the author is so popular and legendary!
Rating for this novel: 4,2/5.

Storyline? OK! Plot? OK! Characterization? OK! The minus is just that the style of writing that makes it become a lil confused to understand in the beginning. But it does not matter anyway, still the novel is worth it to read:)


And, here is the film that the story picked from the novel "Romance of Their Own"


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