Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Soo-an, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Eui-sung, Choi Woo-sik, An So-hee, Shim Eun-kyung
Director: Yeon Sang-ho
Screenwriters: Park Joo-suk, Yeon Sang-ho

Now, I want to give a review for movie, the title is Train to Busan. I will explain to you why I recommend this movie. For you information, Train to Busan has made approximately 99 million US dollars in it’s opening release, making it the first South Korean movie to reach over 10 million viewers worldwide! Isn’t that amazing?? First of all for make you more understand what this movie about, this is the plot and the link of the trailer:  
Train to Busan follows Seok Woo (Yoo Gong) a fund manager whose busy work lifestyle has driven him to divorce, and left him with custody of a daughter (Kim Soo-an) who he has also become distant with. To make the situation right, he agrees to take her on a journey from Seoul to Busan to see her mother for her birthday, but little do they know that a person infected by a nuclear plant virus has boarded the train with them and there lies the beginning of a cinematically engaging journey via the famous KTX railroad. TRAILER TRAIN TO BUSAN

Train to Busan mixes breathless action with ravenous flesh-eaters or we called it zombie. And all of the horror business is built upon rich emotionality and fully realized characters, which lends the action that much more sharp and exciting.
Ok, now I am going to explain why I recommend this movie. It’s because the cast, and I think the main lead/ actor in Train To Busan is do a greatly acting. He is Gong Yoo, he played as Seok Woo and he is a workaholic. He lives with his mother and barely spends any time with his daughter Su-an (Kim Su-an). He’s so distant from her that he buys her a Nintendo Wii for her birthday, ignoring that she has one already, and that he’s the one who bought it for her for Children’s Day. To make up for this rather-awkward moment, he agrees to give Su-an what she really wants—a trip to her mother’s home in Busan, 280 miles away. It’s just an hour train ride from Seoul. What could possibly go wrong? Even the set-up is a thematic beauty, as this is more than just a train ride for Seok-woo and Su-an—it’s a journey into the past as a father tries to mend bridges and fix that which may be dead. It’s a perfect setting for a zombie movie. 

In my opinion, there’s not one dull moment through the entire film! Su-an is literally bugging her father to take her on the train for come to her mother, so it’s quite natural to sympathize with the daughters emotions. Once things completely go left and the zombies enter, the father’s character completely turns from selfish to heroic. I think each character plays their role flawlessly!

Next is because the special effects.  Most people would agree, zombie movies drive a fine line between cinematic genius or over the top and vulgar. But Train to Busan was not at all the latter, the right amount of rejoining broken bones, rabid feeding scenes and breathtaking make up make it cinematic genius in my opinion.

The film is two hours long and it does suffer slightly from an extended third act. A genre work like this is usually best left at 90 minutes, but Train To Busan developed it very well. The film itself end with an unexpectedly touching finale which ties things together rather nicely. But actually, I don’t recommend this movie for those that scared to see blood and didn’t like gory things.

Train to Busan is a fun ride I think. It's tense, gory and at times pretty spectacular, and while there isn't a whole lot going on under the surface, the attention given to the human characters lends it an air of substance too often missing from modern zombie horror. Train to Busan give a  good performances, and impressive direction from Yeon, and it's a very easy film to recommend for the jaded zombie fan. Everything about Train To Busan just works, even the subtitles. In many foreign films, they can be a distraction but not this time. For any zombie lover, Train To Busan will be a win.

In short, the pros: Fantastic performances, subversion of zombie tropes, relentless pacing, tension and thrills, and efficient storytelling/ character details
The contras: Ending can be a bit sappy and overlong

Yeah, that’s the movie review from me, leave a comment if you have watched it and share your opinion! Thank youuu


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