On December of 31st until January of 3rd my family and I went to Lampung. For your information, it was my first time went to Lampung because it was not my hometown so it was really a holiday!
On December of 31st around 8.00 AM my family and I prepared some clothes and the other things. We went to Lampung with POC. POC is a car community, Pajero Owner Community. If I’m not mistaken it was 18 cars that went to Lampung, can you imagine the situation back then so lively?
On that night, we went to rallying point (KM 125) around 11.00 PM. We were gathering 2.00 AM, unfortunately we got a traffic jam. So, it took about 2,5 hours to get there. We arrived in KM 125 but fortunately POC waited for us, how lucky!
After that, my sister and I bought some snack and the trip went on again. We were head to Merak Harbor because we wanted to cross the sea by ship. On the way to Merak Harbor, my family slept except my father HAHAHA because my father was driving.

Time flews, my family and I arrived in Merak Harbor around shubuh time. My cars went to a ship, in the ship for cars park it so hot. We went to the upper of ship, the upper was so cold unlike the cars park my family and I took an AC room. I went to the highest of the ship, from there, I saw many mans swimming and asked for some money. When I throwed 1000 doit, he shouted “5000 mba digulung!”. I didn’t brought some money, then I went to my room again on second floor. On the ship, I slept again while enjoying a beautiful scenery.
Then when I woke up my wristband showed me that it was 11.00 AM. My belly rings, haha it was breakfast time! We arrived in Bakauheni! OMG I didn’t believe that I have went to Sumatra, even just south Sumatra. After we arrived to Bakauheni we searched for food around Bakauheni. 

We stopped in a Restaurant, I forgot the Restaurant name, hehe. I remembered that on 11.00 PM I arrived in Aston Lampung City Hotel. My family booked two rooms, it was a connecting room. Then on that day, January of 1st we slept.
On January of 2nd in the morning all POC members gathered in the Lobby after breakfast on Restaurant Hotel. We would go to Pahawang Beach. 

Every families took the car and head to Pahawang Beach. We arrived on Pahawang Beach at 11.30 AM. Our plan was snorkeling, yuhuuu! We took a boat and it took about a hour to be on the middle of the Pahawang sea. We were told to use a life jacket and a googles. In the middle of the Pahawang, I submerge my body. Even the weather was hot but the water still cold! When I looked from my googles, I seeing an amazing view! Everything was just so amazing, the corals, fishes, even the marine plants. We were snorkeling for about 2 hours, of course my skin get tanned. Then we took a ship again. After we arrived in the opposite land, we had a meal and a coconut. It was so refreshing! Then we went back to cars park and head to the Hotel again. I will end my Holiday story here because if I continue, it will make it so looong hehe.


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