My Unforgettable Moment

I want to tell you about my embarrassing unforgettable moment. So, this moment happened when I was still on X MIPA 2. I still remember that it was Friday on second break time. As usual, I went to Bazaar with my friend, Safira. 

You know that the road to Bazaar is not that good, some road has a hole. Yes, the story began here. On Friday, I usually wear a skirt more long than the other day. But, it turn out to be trouble. Safira step on my skirt! Yeah, of course I fell down! It was soooo embarrassing, but then the other accidents make it more embarrassing. Guess what? After I fell down, I stood up and fell down again! Why? Because I talked while I walk facing backwards and I didn’t realized that so many hole behind me. My foot got in to the hole so I fell down again. Actually, the pain is not a big deal, but the shameless! What made it worst, Safira was laugh very hard so everyone in mushola and bazaar looked at me! Argh, it was so unforgettable moment, even until now I type this, the shame wont go :) 


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