Hello guys!
Now I will tell you my experience about last week, it was MEGANTARA.

Megantara is a big event that use Indonesian culture as a theme. Megantara is taken from sanscrit, ‘mega’ and ‘gantari’ it means archipelago is magnificent rays. As example, there was 5 big island in Indonesian and Megantara introduced it to the visitors with a great way.  Every booth portray our island (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua) and in that 5 booth, there was a food stand from each island. For example, pempek stand located in Sumatera booth.

Megantara was on September 10th, 2016 on Lapangan Bali. Every visitors must buy the ticket. It costs Rp. 30.000 for pre-sale, but Rp. 35.000 if you buy it on the spot on September 10th. Students from SMA Negeri 3 Bandung must attend Megantara, we had to buy the ticket Rp.100.000 but we got a bank account from BRI and free ride UBER.
On, September 10th every performer had to attend Lapangan Bali at 8.00 am. Yes, I’m one of Megantara performers. I had been chosen as a model from my previous class, X MIPA 2. I depute Kalimantan Barat island. But on H-Day, I came late because I had to bring my custom on Evoy.
After I brought my custom, I made an appointments in Taman Musik  with my friend, Arraudha and Hurin, that also a Megantara models. Then I walked from Taman Musik to Lapangan Bali. In Lapangan Bali, every performer gathered in Bangsal. From 8.00 am to 12.00 am was free time. But then, Megantara was open gate at 11.45 J so I think that free time for performer was useless.  
                At 9.00 am I watched parade on Jalan Bali after I watched parade, I came back to Bangsal and waited until 12.00 am. Then we, Megantara models, were told to prepare(use make up and use the costume). I went to mushola akhwat SMA Negeri 3 Bandung with Hurin, Nanette, and Nadia. We prepared until 1.00 pm and went back again to Bangsal. When I walk to Bangsal, many people stared at me and my friend, it because we used traditional costume.

               In Bangsal, we were given some foods for lunch. In 3.00 pm there was a last briefing before we performed. Then,  we walked to the stage. And there was such a sensation of pounding HAHAHAHA because everyone stared at us!
                In stage, one by one showed their costume and here I am

After that, we had to wait again because when Ridwan Kamil gave a speech for MEGANTARA the background was the model

In 6.15 PM, my duty as a representative from Kalimantan Barat end here! It was so relieved. Then I gathered up with my friends and enjoyed the shows from Changcuters and RAN. Yeah it was a very big event like the name, MEGANTARA.


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