Dewa Athena is "Olimpiade Siswa - Siswi Ajang Unjuk Bakat dan Kemampuan". That is a sport competition for 10 and 11 grade students in SMAN 3 Bandung. The opening held on Saturday,25 of April 2017. 3 senior high school is doing an internal school event at Bali Field. All of the competitors must come at 07.00 to attend an opening ceremony. The opening ceremony took about 30 minutes.

I came late because of traffic jam, fortunately relay run was playing at: 8.40. I was a runner with Dionardy, Adeline, and Ziyad. We won twice (X IPA 9, and X Social) , but on last Saturday when the semi-final, we lose to X MIPA 7. Sad, but okay J
But before that, I watched Basketball competition, my class vs X IPA 6. The player was Yahya, Dio, Kevin, Raihan, Ernest, Ziyad, and Maher. Unfortunately, my class defeated. We lost the game. The next game we had to do was gobak sodor. Gobak sodor is Indonesian traditional game where we have to defense our base so our enemy can’t get into our area. At that time my class faced X Science 4. But we lose the game. I was one of a player in Gobak Sodor. 

Then, we went to Bangsal to watch Badminton competition (for Boys), the player are Ziyad and Ernest. AND, WE WON IT! They go to semi-final! X Aksel (My Class) vs X Science 8. We won the game 2 straight sets! I’m so proud back then..
We continue the match, the girls in my class went to Basketball field, in there, the girl play soccer vs IPA 6. But we lose, by 0 vs 1. Because one of my friend, Najwa, could not catch the ball, but it is okay we were still having fun!
Then, it was “Tarik Tambang”. The most popular game in Indonesia, even many Indonesian claims that it is Indonesian traditional game (I think “Tarik Tambang” is a must play in PORAK) . Tarik tambang need 10 persons to play from each team, 5 girls and 5 boys but I didn’t join them because I was too tired to play. My class were opposing X Science 2. We won the game straight. We were really happy for that.

               After “Tarik Tambang” finished. Then it was time for lunch break. Then my friends (Syahdila and Alvira) and I ate in Wardan. Actually after the lunch break I didn’t have any game so after lunch break I went to Daniel (actually, I went to the mushala to pray and to take a nap hehe). After I took a nap, I had to watch the boys Badminyon ( Ziyad and Ernest as the players ) because I wanted to support them so we stayed in Lapangan Bali (Bali Field in English) and waited until 3PM to watch them play. Our time for wait paid off with Ziyad and Ernest qualify for the next round. We were really proud of their performances. The next Dewa Athena will be held 1 week since then.


The second day was held in 1st of April 2017. Like the first day, we were told to come at 7 a.m. but I came a bit late hehe. I was coming when Dodgeball match for boys playing at round 2. This time, the boys faced X Science 9 but we lost. After Dodgeball match, we moved to running track because the relay race team from our class was about to match X Science 7, but this time my team didn't win and I got cramp! It was so full of pain like you cant move your feet and your muscle got so tense. While I relax my feet in the corner of running field, my class faced X IPA 4 (Tarik Tambang) but we didn’t win because some of my friends had another schedules in school.  We lost the match. My friend, Syahdila, get injured. Her hand was so red.

In frame: Syahdila Gunawan (sorry friend :p)
At about 8.40 a.m the boys had a futsal match with X Science 3, we won the match yeay!
After that, we moved to indoor court to have Dodgeball for girls match. I played too with my bestie Dila(the one in the picture), AND WE WERE SO IN MATCH at first because I throw the ball to the opponent one and Dila avoid the ball amazingly HAHA. I just love this game so much! I have played this game since I was in junior high school and it was sooo fun and release your stress. We did win the first round and we won again at the second round with X Science 10. After the match, we had some rests again before competing in Dodgeball for girls again with X Social. Unfortunately, with X Science we lost 2 round straight. After the match we all had a break for lunch but I didn’t feel hungry so i am not bought some food. Later on, in the night I was suffering stomachache because I didn’t ate that noon. At that lunch break, I went again to Daniel to pray and take some rest.
After that match, there was badminton girls. The players are Najwa and Dita and they won the match against X Social. While they were competing in badminton me and the other 2 girls and 3 boys from our class moved outside to compete against X Science 7 in volley, but we lost the game. Because my class didn’t know the rules. After that match, there were some matches from other classes until the badminton match which were represented by Ziyad and Ernest from our class. We competed against X Science 2, but unfortunately we lost. Honestly, the players from X Science 2 played really well. The last match on the second day was the badminton match that were represented by Najwa and Dita from my class and they won it! We were really proud of it. They are going to play in the final at 8th April 2017. Keep spirit guys!


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