Seoul Tower, also called Namsan Tower or, more recently, N Seoul Tower, is located in the centre of Seoul on Mount Namsan. N stand for Namsan, Nature, New. Seoul Tower was opened to the public for the first time on the 15th of October 1980. Namsan Tower is 236.7 metres high and, because it stands on top of Mount Namsan, it rises to about 480 metres above sea level, thus allowing visitors to enjoy a great panoramic view of Seoul. Because of the panorama, many local dwellers as well as tourists enjoy climbing up here for early morning work out or for a quixotic walk after dark.

Since the completion of construction in 1975, the tower has been a favorite attraction for both locals and international visitors. For these reason, the place is so famous.
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It is not possible to drive to N Seoul Tower, so the only options are either walk, take a bus or a cable car.
Getting to N Seoul Tower by cable car: You can get to the cable car station by getting off at Myeongdong Station (Line n. 4, exit 3) and walking for ten minutes from the subway station.
Adults (Roundtrip): Individuals 8,500 won / Groups 7,000 won
Adults (One-way):  Individuals 6,000 won / Groups 5,000 won  
Children (Roundtrip): Individuals 5,500 won / Groups 4,500 won
Children (One-way): Individuals 3,500 won / Groups 3,000 won

Getting to N Seoul Tower by bus: You can take a bus at Chungmuro Station (line n. 3 or 4) or at Dongguk University Station (line 3), which will take you to the parking area of N Seoul Tower.
Getting to N Seoul Tower on foot: walk 30 minutes from exit 3 of Myeongdong subway station (Line n. 4).

Seoul Tower is surrounded by a park, called Namsan Park.
In addition to the tower, Namsan Park contains other facilities and attractions such as the Public Library, the National Theatre, an aquarium, the Botanical Gardens and an historical site, at the top of Namsam Mountain, called Bonghwadae (beacon mound). Namsan Park is also a good place to go hiking, jogging or just to relax and walk in a green area.
The tourist attractions of Namsan tower is also the romantic atmosphere of the tower. Namsan Tower often used as the shooting place of Korean dramas. Therefore, Namsan Tower has a terrace where you can placed love locks and you can see the beautiful scenery of it

1.    In 2005, Namsan Tower has its name changed into N Seoul Tower which "N" stands for...
    a. Namsan, Nature, New
    b. Nails, Nature, Noon
    c. New, Namsan, Night
    d. New, Null, Night
    e. Noon, Near, Nature
2.    When is Seoul Tower was opened to the public for the first time?
 a. December 3, 1971 
 b. December 4, 1971
 c. October 16, 1980 

 d. October 15, 1980
 e. September 11, 1980 

3.     This is the function of Namsan Park, except...
a.    Public Library
b.    National Theatre
c.    Aquarium
d.    Botanical Garden
e.    Soccer Stadium
4.     When is the completion of The N Seoul Tower's construction? 
    The N Seoul Tower's construction' completion is in... 
    a. 1976
    b. 1975
    c. 1979
    d. 1988
    e. 1977-1978
5.    Imagine this is a real situation: Your mom (45 years old) and your little sister (2 years old) are going to ride a cable car heading to Namsan tower (both are roundtrip), how much they will pay?
a. 14.500 won
b.12.000 won
c. 14.000 won
d. 13.000 won
e. 13.500 won


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