On Saturday, August 20th, my school held an event called World Tournament X Techno Festival also known as WTTF. There was a rules for joining WTTF, we had to talk in English, if we dont, the comittees would minus the score. Every games have the opponent and the comrades right? For the comrades, it was our classmate, X MIA 2. But for the opponent, it was XI MIA 2. Yeah, we had to battle our seniors.

We played many games. The first game that we played was, "ind*mie+ bon c*be" challenge XD. We played it at field SMA Negeri 3 & 5. Rule: we have to eat all the noodles without drinking a water. From my class, Tugus and Dhea played the game. But we lost hehe. I forgot to tell you that everytime we won, the comittees will give us a puzzle. The second game is "Ranking 2" we played it at Taman Musik, if i'm not mistaken the player are Alya, Silsi, Hera, William, Adin. And for this games, our class won! Alya won it. The third game is Flappy Bird, it was playing the games on phone, the one who dont lose, win._. And our class won it. Next, i forgot what this game called, but it likes "Running Man" games, all the players had their shawl on their hands. The objective is to untied other people’s shawls and to avoid yours from being untied. Next games, we played games like online games, we played it on the laptop with PS stick at XI MIA 3, and at Bangsal. After that, we walked to Taman Tongkeng, we played arranged the box, bottle,straw to become a robot, for this games all the class members had to participate. 

Then we had a break for about 30 minutes (ISOMA time). After the break, i had to go to Cibadak, because our class had a scheduled on that day, it was makrab. So some of us had to prepare it. 
Yeah, that was the end of my WTTF exprience.

Thanks for reading!


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